Added Value

Award Recipients - 2006

Ian Marvy & Michael Hurwitz, Co-Founders


Added Value is a socially responsible urban farming enterprise located on 2.75 acres in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  Established in 2001 to promote sustainable community development and nurture a new generation of leaders, its principal activities include a community-based farm, a farmers’ market, and year-round educational programs.  Added Value promotes “food security,” the idea that all people should have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet dietary needs and preferences for an active and healthy life.  The farmers’ market provides a community service, generates sales for upstate and makes donations to the needy.

Added Value develops young people’s capacity to be “agents for change and 21st century citizens.”  Youth expand their knowledge, develop new skills and positively engage with the community.  Working about seventeen hours weekly at the farm and farmers’ market, they learn how to grow food from seed to sale.  For their efforts, the teenagers earn a monthly stipend, gain job experience, learn about the social, economic and environmental issues, related to urban agriculture, and develop a strong sense of self and community.  Hundreds of local elementary school children also participate in learning opportunities at the farm and grow their own produce.

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