South Asian Council for Social Services


South Asian Council for Social Services

Award Recipients - 2003

Sudha Acharya, Co-Founder & Executive Director

South Asian Council for Social Services’ (SACSS) mission is “to plan, provide, support and advocate for a continuum of programs” addressing the needs of the growing South Asian community.  According to the 2000 census, the South Asian population in New York City numbers approximately 250,000 residents.  Based in Flushing, Queens, SACSS focuses on community initiatives and building the capacity of existing coalitions and service providers.  

Launched in 2001, SACSS has just completed the first phase of an assessment of the South Asian communities in the city when the September 11th attack occurred.  SACSS quickly rallied social workers, counselors and other volunteers to provide counseling to survivors and families who lost a loved one; persons who lost businesses or jobs; and victims of racial hate crimes.  Volunteers also assisted with arrangements for last rites or transportation of remains to country of origin and made referrals to housing, jobs, training and legal services.  SACSS also pursued three cases of spouses and children who face deportation after losing their legal status due to the spouse’s or father’s death at the World Trade Center.  

SACSS works in collaboration with other organizations to conduct legal rights clinics and collects surveys on racial bias and discrimination against South Asians.  In addition, SACSS resumed work on a comprehensive community assessment and evaluation in 2003.

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