Day: September 9, 2019

dices with letters forming words: Public Relations

Three Things to Remember When Handling a PR Crisis

No business is immune to reputation crises. In one way or another, you’re going to have to deal with some backlash from an angry public on a marketing material, a new customer service policy, even a short Facebook post on your page. What matters then isn’t how you can dodge the inevitable crises, but how

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Content Marketing that Boosts Your Business

Content is a huge part of the success of many websites today. Search engines put a premium on quality and relevant articles and videos that users want to consume and share. This can make or break your business. Having a first-rate content marketing strategy allows you to stay ahead of your competitors. Experts from a digital

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Data security concept

Lock Down: Proper Security of Your Company’s Secrets and Files

In line with maintaining your business’ success, security is one of your company’s important components. Today’s technology is as complex as ever, but that doesn’t guarantee that information and well-regarded trade secrets are safe from those who want to use it against you. This is a big issue, especially for those companies that handle customer

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Business colleagues working at a busy open plan office

Co-Working Spaces and its Contribution to One’s Productivity

Nowadays, people get to enjoy the benefits of working at their own speed, time, comfort, and even in their own space, thanks to the society’s acceptance of flexible work hours and freelance jobs. While being able to manage your own time has its perks, it also has its downsides. One of which is it requires

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Effective Waste Management

Effective Waste Management: The Solution to an Impending Crisis

Waste management is one of the things that many people tend to overlook and take for granted. Only a few people and companies think of ingenious ways to turn everyday waste into something more useful. Only a few are making steps in applying new technologies and innovations to not only effectively manage waste, but also

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man looking at his tablet device and cheering

For Business Success: 3 Smart Business Risks You Should Be Pursuing

It’s one of the age-old advice you hear in business: take risks. Seasoned entrepreneurs say that it’s where growth happens, it’s when innovation kicks in. What’s often overlooked in this wise counsel though is the kind of risk you should pursue. When you’re aiming to be successful, you don’t seek out just about any risk

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Comforting a male employee

Surprising Advantages of Helping Other People With Their Problems

In this competitive world, many people go by a mindset where they just focus on themselves and leave others behind. However, not everyone is fit for a solo flight, and you might hate to admit it, but humans are social beings. We need each other’s help to survive and thrive. Are you saying that you’re

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man got into an accident in a warehouse

What Causes Warehouse Accidents?

With the rise of mass production and automation, items can be produced in greater volumes than ever before. As a result, many companies — particularly retailers — needed a place to store all of their inventory, so that they can easily retrieve these when necessary. As the amount of inventory continued to grow, in-house storage

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What to Expect from Digital Marketing Efforts

If you want to be visible on the first page of major search engine results, you can always trust the experienced SEO service providers in Perth and other metropolitan areas. Continue reading this guide to see the benefits when you hire the best digital marketing team and learn proven ways to be on top of SERPs or Search

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