Day: September 20, 2019

man checking his emails at work

Streamlining Your Email at Work: A Guide

Who would have thought that email will just work for those who want to send correspondence to those in far places? Email has evolved into a workplace essential. It is among the innovations that have made work efficient. These have changed the way people conduct business. Email has it much easier to transfer files, cascade

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Three Things to Do to Become a Smart Risk-Taker in Business

Smart risk-takers are the ones who stay and thrive in business. They pounce fast at the most favorable times, and as a result, get promising results, leaving their contemporaries behind. Some would say this skill is a product of years of experience. Others would attribute it to sheer gut feel. But one thing’s for sure:

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close up shot of an accounting sheet with a blue ballpen on top

A Guide on How to Maintain Proper Books of Accounts

Bookkeeping helps in the review of a company’s income and expenses. By tracking a business’s cash inflow and outflow, company owners can be able to analyze their business’s performance. A proper analysis helps the owners to make the best decisions for their businesses. Effective recordkeeping tools such as ledgers help in the preparation of a

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elementary students listening to their teacher

The Essence of Positive Classroom Environment

Both physical and non-physical environments play a vital role in the teaching-learning process. Find the right institution where your children can feel a sense of belonging. With proper supervision of skilled educators, children learn to trust others and feel encouraged to tackle challenges, risks, and become interested in probing. You can always find a good school

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