Day: September 25, 2019

realtor holding a model house

3 Myths about Buying a Home You Should Watch Out for

Flash news: not all that you hear about buying a home is true. Sure, your Aunt Sally has bought properties and moved so many times in the last two years, but beware of the things she tells you about home buying over the dinner table. Beware of the things you see online, too. You might

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Woman Doing Online Shopping On Digital Tablet At Home

How to Know If Your Apparel Brand Will Sell Online

Your concept for an online clothes shop may be fabulous on paper, but how many people do you think are willing to pay for your product? Are they enough to keep you in business? To find the answers, you can conduct an idea validation experiment. Idea validation is a process that lets you find out if

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Do You Still Believe These Myths About Archaeology?

Since most of the subjects of archaeologists are surrounded by mystery, people who aren’t involved have created their own myths about this scientific discipline. One of the biggest misconceptions about archaeologists is that they spend 100% of their time digging through the earth. So, if your business hopes to attract archaeologists looking for Hitachi diggers

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