Month: January 2020

Common Mobile Phone Problems and Their Solutions

Cheap or expensive, your mobile phone is susceptible to bugs and issues that can disrupt your user experience. Luckily, most common phone problems can be easily solved on your own. Here are some quick-fix solutions that you can try at home when your phone decides to act up randomly: 1. Battery Drains Fast You can

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Recruiter interviewing an applicant

To The Sky: How Cloud Computing Improves Your HR Processes

Cloud computing continues to revolutionize how people work. As much as 91% of enterprises in the United States have adopted cloud computing in their business process. The most common application of it is in customer relationship management platforms, where almost every process, from contacting customers to managing files is done over the cloud. This practice

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guy using laptop

5 Creative Ways to Spread the Word about Your Small Business

Once you’ve started a business, you’re probably asking yourself: “What now?” Managing a business doesn’t end with you, day 1, counting everything you’ve earned for the day. It goes on and on and on. Not only do you need to constantly deliver stellar customer service, you need to reach new customers. Getting your business out

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during a class

Classroom Design: How Does It Affect Student Learning?

Students have their own way of engaging with teachers in the classroom and learning. One of the factors that can have either a positive or negative impact on both is the design of the room. The lighting, acoustics, sound, and layout all play a role in helping or not helping students learn and engage. Here

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The Best Ways to Survive a Lonely Road Trip

Long-distance road trips can either be an exciting adventure or a boring trip. This is why many of us dread having to drive long distances alone. For one, it can be a bit lonely if you are going to travel many miles without anyone to talk to. One can feel the stress that comes with

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Employee benefits

Employee Benefits: What are They that Older Adults Want?

Lots of articles talk about what employee benefits millennials want. What about the older generations? In this article, let's talk about what benefits that older adults want and why employers should consider them.   Hiring and retaining older workers is a benefit that is often overlooked due to the swarm of younger, fresher minds in

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bar tender pouring glass of wine

Raising Your Glasses to a Great Bar

It’s Saturday night. It is the perfect time to spend some time with your friends. You decide to meet at a fairly new bar to have some drinks and a good chat. A few hours and some cocktails later, it is time to gather your coats. Were you satisfied with the experience you had? What

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person searching how to improve productivity

Strategies to Boost Productivity

People think that productivity equates to checking off many items in their to-do list. But it is more than that. It is the state of being consistent in producing excellent results. Also, it is about maximizing the time that you have in your hand. What strategies can one use to enhance their productivity? Here is

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man playing guitar

A Guitarist’s Dream: An Epic Guitar Solo

Guitarists, musicians and guitar aficionados still disagree which guitar solos should be in the top 50 of all time. Still, there is one thing they know is essential for any aspiring guitarist: a guitar solo should attract not only musicians but also the general audience. The riffs should impress any guitarist, but the music should

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guy using laptop

Beyond Homo Sapiens: How Technology Has Paved the Way towards Human Evolution

More than 20 years ago, photographer James Balog captured the verge of human evolution through a photography series called “Techno Sapiens“. He featured how people have integrated technology in their lives back in the ’90s. Today, mankind’s evolution has come a long way. Over the course of human history, who would’ve thought you’d see artificial

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