Month: July 2020

driving a truck

A Guide to Driving Safely for Novice Truckers

Driving a truck for a living requires more than just a lot of hard work and patience. On top of keeping yourself safe while on the road, you have to consider the cargo your truck is carrying. Additionally, you need to think about the people you might run into while your truck is on the

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email marketing

Email Marketing: Creating a Mailing List and Earning a Place in Your Audience’s Inbox

Email is one of the oldest forms of electronic communication, allowing people worldwide to send messages to each other. Compared to traditional mail, email sends the message within seconds. Although email remains an essential mode of communication, not many people pay attention to every message they receive. According to Campaign Monitor, an average person receives

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Know Your Type of Storage Drive

No matter how complicated they are, computers have successfully seeped into the lives of many. Students use it to research their homework and also create various papers and essays for school. It is the tool used by many employees out there for administrative or clerical work. In addition to that, it is entrusted to store sensitive

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businessman working

Work-life Balance: Day-to-day Operations to Outsource

As your business scales up, you will face new tasks and obstacles that will take valuable time away from core operations. The solution to this dilemma isn’t as easy as simply sidelining new responsibilities in favor of income-generating activities. Growth and development will stall if you do this. Rather than taking on all of these

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Rebranding Your Business: A Couple of Things to Take into Account

As a businessperson, you know too well that relating to your customers is a priority. You can achieve this through your branding efforts. Simply put, your brand is what makes your business tangible and relatable. Relevance is an important factor in doing business. If your current brand seems not to work, it is high time

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conflict in the office

4 Causes of Conflicts in the Office and How to Solve Them

An office is a place for working and getting things done. That is where you collaborate with your team and grow the business. It’s not a place for petty fights and quarrels. Unfortunately, workplace conflict has been prevalent since forever. What’s more, though workplace conflicts are frequent, effective resolution of them tends not to be.

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business meeting

How to Take Care of Inventory During Big Sale Days

Sale days tend to get a massive influx of consumers for all kinds of retailers. Despite security and supervision, there will be times when the floor team will fail to notice the movement of shoplifters or missing items until the day is over. When you look at the number of customers trying to buy electronic

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Accounting Problems

Millennials and Finances: Savings, Investments, and Retirement

Millennials are growing older, with most in their mid-30’s to their late 20’s, so for them, saving money has become more crucial than ever. And they’re apparently doing it well, according to the Better Money Habits report of the Bank of America. The study noted that on average, millennials began saving for retirement at 24

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Two engineers in discussion

Design vs. Utility Patent: a Guide to Patent Protection

If you have invented something, the first must do is claim ownership of your product before anyone can steal and reproduce it. The best way to do that is to apply for a patent. A patent is an exclusive legal right issued to a product or process that offers a new way of doing something or a new

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