Month: July 2020

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Social Media Marketing: How to Create Engaging Posts

Businesses are finding more ways to market their brand, the most viable method being the Internet. Now, more companies are undergoing a digital transformation, hiring web development firms to help improve their online presence. The fact that social media is an effective platform to market your brand is not fresh news. Businesses have been doing

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Ways to Prepare Your Child for College

It seems like it was just yesterday when you were holding back tears as you watched your child go to their first day in one of the best preschools in Singapore. Now, you’re helping them prepare for college, which is a little more challenging. In many Asian countries like Singapore, going to college is an

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Build Your Online Brand With the Right SEO Strategies

If you’re planning to build your brand online, SEO is one of the best ways to go. Any company can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO) as long as they know how to do it right. When creating articles optimized for SEO, you need to give your audience what they want by providing them with

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Cutting of metal

Crafting Masterpieces with Metal

There are many ways to create art. For many, their introduction to the craft involved paper and crayons. No one could forget the experience they had in preschool when teachers would just hand them the materials and let their imagination go wild. As you grew up, you discovered pencils and watercolor, and then you transitioned

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Steam’s 2020 Summer Sale Is Live!

Summer might mean indulging in the warm sunshine by having a picnic at your backyard with homemade ice cream and iced drinks. But for gamers summer only signals one thing: Steam’s much-awaited Annual Summer Sale. It is a two-week event full of big discounts on games ranging from indie masterpieces like story-driven Disco Elysium to

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