Month: August 2020

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Online Clothing Business: Ideas for Guaranteed Success

Selling clothes has never been easier thanks to established websites like Poshmark and classic eBay, allowing you to reach hundreds to thousands of potential customers. However, because of how easy it is to set up an online clothing boutique, competition can be fierce. So, before going too far, ensure you follow these five tips to

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How Your Well-Being Is Affected by Earning from Your Hobby

Having hobbies are essential to keep us balanced. They make our time worthwhile, and let us relax when work is getting too stressful. But if you turn your hobby into a business, will it still have the same good effects on our well-being? Working on something we love is doubtlessly beneficial. However, considering that we

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Dear Bosses, Encourage Your Employees to Take a Break Amid a Pandemic

Many of our summer vacation plans are canceled due to the pandemic. So, it’s no surprise to see your employees taking back the vacation leaves they already filed. The idea of taking paid time off (PTO) right now doesn’t sit right among many employees. For one, they would instead save their vacation for later in

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3 Businesses that Will Still Thrive After the Pandemic

In business as in life, one door closes and another opens. While the coronavirus pandemic has shut down many companies, it also paves the way for new opportunities that will thrive even after this crisis is over. If you want to pivot, expand your company, or explore a new product or service, here are three

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Travel and Earn: Making Money While You’re on a Perpetual Trip

Who does not want to travel? Humans seem to have that innate desire to be mobile and to explore different places. This is why traveling can be everyone’s thing. It lets you discover places that will give you wonderful experiences and memories that you will treasure forever. However, one thing stops many from traveling a

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The Freelance Cheat Sheet: 4 Things You Need

Most adults start their day with desk jobs that require them to sit in the office for long hours. While facing your computer, you will find that such a career is unappealing to you. Spending most of your life doing a repetitive routine can leave an unsatisfying taste in your mouth. Fortunately, you can use

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You Can’t Game the Stock Market, but You Can Win Long-term

Before making your first investment in the stock market, you’ve probably read some advice on which stocks to buy. Along the way, you might have received your fair share of warnings. The market is volatile; nothing is guaranteed. Still, in a way, it’s all a numbers game, right? Why do stock prices fluctuate? Might there

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Ways to Improve Clinic Experience for Children & Parents

When you think back to your childhood, you would probably have a core memory of a hospital visit. Whether this memory is good or bad depends on many factors, including the hospital environment, the staff, and the treatment itself. Now, think of how your young patients feel when they visit your practice. Do they tend

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Best Places Where You Can Retire in Comfort

Retired Americans can receive an average of $2,400 for monthly expenses from Social Security. When you combine those funds with personal savings, most can live a modest lifestyle after work. However, retiring abroad can provide you with better options, allowing you to enjoy your best life. So, after retiring from companies such as AT&T and

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Turning Ripples into Waves: Simple Gestures with a Great Impact

When it comes to treating your fellow human, sometimes it can be better to be kind than to be right. You really cannot tell if another person is harboring serious problems or just wallowed in negative thoughts. So whether you are a student learning more about the world or a seasoned bankruptcy attorney who has

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