Day: November 18, 2020

customer experience

For Your Biz: Drafting Your Customer Experience Strategy

Your customers are undeniably your business’ lifeline. And keeping them and turning them into loyal partners should be a priority. However, many business people look at their customers through a very transactional lens. This is one mindset that you should do away with; you should look at your customers with an intent to build a

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Traveling Gives You Transformative Experiences

Stories of tourists getting mugged, swindled, and even killed have deterred many from traveling. Some people never venture out of their country in fear they’d encounter the worst. This year, people have been forced to stay put in their homes, seeing nothing but the same walls in their rooms and the same square feet of

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traveling concept

Travel Safety: Measures to Remember During the Pandemic

A lot of individuals have been looking forward to traveling, especially since most people are stuck at home and not doing much. But before you can get yourself a ticket for traveling, you will have to take note that there will be safety measures and guidelines set in place by authorities. We’re not yet at

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