Month: December 2020

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Taking a Vacation After the Pandemic

International travel is quite tricky these days as a new variant of the coronavirus was discovered in different parts of the world. While the variant seems to spread faster, it doesn’t appear to be more virulent than the original one. Experts are also confident that the vaccines currently being rolled out are still effective in

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Flex Your Marketing Muscles: 3 Things to Focus on When Growing Your Small Business

Just because you managed to launch your small business doesn’t mean you can easily expand it. Growing your company has its own set of challenges that you need to identify and address. The usual obstacles owners encounter are marketing-related. You’d think that with the technology and accessibility available at your fingertips, this would be an

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working from home

Turn Your Garage Into Your Home Office: Here’s How

Because of the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal. Offices around the world, even the ones where the biggest companies operate, are shut down to protect their employees from the threat of the virus. However, at home, there are distractions. Kids running around, your partner cooking, the doorbell ringing, the dogs barking,

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Making Your Business More Convenient with Easy Steps

Handling a business requires time, effort, and dedication. It can be overwhelming and stressful, yet fulfilling at the same time. However, this does not mean that you can’t make your lives easier if you are a business owner. As the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, is it imperative that we look after

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How a Smile Can Help Businesses with Customer Engagement

There’s more to a simple smile when it comes to delivering customer service. Many businesses even believe that exceptional customer service almost always starts with it. Companies spend millions of dollars creating customer-service practices, including training and corporate engagement, because they understand how customer service can impact the way they do business. Forbes says that

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bed and breakfast

Making Your Bed and Breakfast Holiday-ready

The COVID-19 pandemic caused governments to enforce travel restrictions especially overseas. And with social distancing, it has become incredibly hard to book a flight and travel. Airlines are offering services at a limited capacity. And people have become more vigilant against the virus. So, if they can help it, they won’t travel. This is why

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people skiing in the snow

Winter Opens More Job Opportunities in Utah

Droves of tourists head to Utah every year to experience some of the best ski slopes in the nation. Thousands of seasonal workers earn a bit of money in Park City’s ski resorts, and foreign workers are very welcome. Catering to Tourists More than 10 million tourists visit Utah every year, and most of them

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motor accident

Staying Positive While Recovering From a Motor Accident

Few things are worse than getting into a car accident. Aside from the actual pain of the injuries you receive, there’s also the trauma of being in an extremely dangerous situation where you have little to no control. Car accidents, regardless of the severity, are often a nightmarish experience. But sometimes, the most difficult part

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Business meeting about franchise

Franchising: the Best Way to Expand Your Business

Most entrepreneurs never get to expand their business. Managing one brewery, diner, or storefront can already be difficult, so what more, adding a couple or more stores? However, franchising solves this issue — and many more — allowing business owners to expand without too much fuss. Expanding without Capital Branching out can require massive amounts

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