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These Skills Can Make You an Active Community Member

As working professionals, one of the best things that we can do is to become lifelong learners. There’s no reason we have to stop learning the minute we graduate from our formal education. We can gain more skills through workplace training programs. They can help us build our capacity and set our future in the

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Essential Steps to Attract and Keep Nonprofit Donors

At least a million nonprofits exist globally, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics. Although they champion various causes, their methods of generating funds for projects remain the same: donors. And after all these years, looking and enticing donors to keep on giving remains challenging. Sometimes it can take days or months and lots

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Location: A Vital Consideration When Buying a Home 2021

Despite the global pandemic, Americans are eager to buy houses. Since 2020, there is a huge demand in the housing market, but the supply is low, resulting in higher prices. Mortgage rates are also low, making the competition tougher for home buyers. Regardless of the price surges and tough competition, houses are selling fast. Eager buyers

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Four Non-profits That Preserve U.S. History

The preservation of our nation’s history comes in many ways. We fund museums and libraries so that historical documents and other artifacts will always be looked after. We invest in commemorative coins and other memorabilia so that milestones will be properly celebrated and always remembered. Our children learning about the events that occurred throughout our

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Career Opportunities Made Easier Through Technology

Getting a job is one of the most vital decisions you will have to make in your life. The income and purpose you get from it will sustain you for most of your life. However, everyone faces a point in their lives where they find difficulties with holding down a job. Career adjustments, frustrations, burnouts,

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Living Life Like Clockwork? Give It a New Twist with a New Hobby

Many people go through their life like clockwork: wake up, go to work, sleep, ad infinitum. They feel like their life is lacking excitement and fun. But one cannot just go out and ‘live life’. Real-life is more complicated than what books or movies make it out to be. We have bills to pay, mouths

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Modern Family: Raising Children in the 21st Century

Many adults worry about what kind of parents they will be. If this is you, be proud and grateful for it means that you care. For those who find themselves lost, here are three tips on raising children in the new millennium. Technology and Education When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone on June 29th,

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How to Boost Your Community’s Value

There’s more to building a better neighborhood than just participating in community events and smiling at passing neighbors. Creating a better neighborhood requires more effort than that. But the benefits are worth it. Apart from living in a safer, cleaner, and greener area, improving your community can also boost your home’s real estate value. Having

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Can Skin Diseases Affect Your Hireability?

When you are prepping for a job interview, you have hundreds of things on your plate. You need to make sure you’re prepared for the questions. You have to study the ins and outs of the company. But what really affects your chances of acing a job interview? Some say it is what’s in your

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Living a Simple But Good Life Free From Worries

Our anxiety often comes from complications in our lives that we, ourselves, made. We commit to several projects, we schedule so many things, set so many goals that in the end we aren’t able to give everything the best we could. Some people are, by nature, more prone to worry than others.   But we

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