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mother tutoring her son

Filling the Need for Learning Assistance: The Tutoring Advantage

Students may underperform for any number of reasons. Providing them with the necessary assistance and attention to their specific learning needs can prevent them from falling behind their peers and help them on the path toward academic excellence. A perpetual challenge faced by parents and teachers are students lagging. Slipping grades may be a strong

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mentoring colleagues

Mentoring: The Secret to Raising the Next Best You

Growing up, all of us acknowledge our teachers. They are someone who helped us go through student life once upon a time. We have fond memories of them. Some are good memories, some are funny, some are tragic. Still, they have been a part of our lives. A memory that belongs in the distant past. Unfortunately, they

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Improve Your Gardening with These Latest Trends

Gardening currently returns to popularity. Even non-domestic citizens now take this as a hobby for good reasons. Gardening proves to boost their health, immunity, and well-being, which are essential during this pandemic. This has been exactly why hospitals make way for gardens, knowing their therapeutic effects. Anything may work for plant enthusiasts. They can do it

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What Makes Distance Learning a Perfect Alernative to Campus-based Learning

For people looking to change or advance their careers, deciding whether distance learning is an ideal option is a life-changing decision. Distance education at colleges and universities has developed over the years as one of the popular ways for international students to pursue a college degree. In the Philippines, online master’s degree programs are available

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private sector challenges

A Look at Government and Private Sector Challenges

If countries are to flourish and develop, there needs to be a strong foundation and a sense of collaboration between government institutions and the private sector. Naturally, this doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. Here are three of the biggest ones. Universal Healthcare and Accessibility It is far from an exaggeration to say

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Budget Living: How You Can Reduce Your Living Costs

Reduced wages, furlough, and job insecurity are a reality for millions of people in the wake of the pandemic. This means that many people are left to seek part-time work or new jobs. You may be looking to avoid dipping into your savings at this time, as no one can predict how long this economic

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man suffering mental anguish

Yes, You May Sue for Mental Anguish

Sometimes, even after the body heals, the memory of an accident and injury lingers. This imprint can result in significant depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and even mental anguish. Dealing with mental torture is never easy. It can keep someone at night, prevents them from doing their normal chores, or forces them to quit

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family bonding

Improving Family Connections in a Digitally-Connected World

In a world where almost everyone is connected, one of the main challenges that we have is staying connected with the people around us. Look around you. See how people gathered in a restaurant typically would just greet each other before sitting down and spend most of the time with their eyes glued to their

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man working

Preoccupied: Smart Ways to Keep Yourself Productive in Lockdown

Lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought various restrictions on what people can do outside of their homes. Workplaces have moved to a remote setup, and students have been forced to study in the comfort of their own homes. But what happens when you’re already finished with your tasks and still have extra time to spare? At this

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business meeting

How to Build a Successful Business with Entrepreneurial Strategies

Starting a business can be very difficult. Many strategies work well for certain industries and entrepreneurs, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution to running a successful business. Many people who want to start their own business don’t know how to go about doing so or have tried in the past with little success. As a result,

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