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Detecting Employee Theft in the Business

Employee theft isn’t always about money. Sometimes, there are emotions associated with it, too. You, the business owner, trust this employee with your business. You fail to do the inventory and count the cash a day or two, and you’re already losing a huge chunk of your income? You forget to do your job for

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woman during a dental check up

From Ear to Ear: Feel Good Smiling

Teeth, what are they good for? You use them to eat and beam your smile. First impressions are made when people look at them. They can tell so much about how you take care of yourself. This is why you need to maintain your pearly whites so that they stay beautiful. But some are not

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Layout Design Options for Website Homepage Headers

Websites are the strongest selling points for businesses nowadays. Clients across all sectors often look for products online to compare prices and their available alternatives before walking into your physical store. While several free templates now exist online for website design, these might not be as cost-effective as they initially seem. In most cases, they

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Gaming keyboard

Some of the Most Highly-Anticipated PC Games for 2020

New year, new chances, and more appropriately, new PC games to play. This year is definitely a treat for all PC gamers out there as more and more gaming companies release high-definition and more complex games for everybody to enjoy. Prepare to get your desktop gaming computers ready and upgraded because here are the hottest

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How to Properly Handle Your Finances for Your Business

Starting a business requires you to spend a lot of money. You will find it difficult to manage your company if you do not have the proper financial resources available. However, there is more to financing a business than simply having the money. You will need to manage it to avoid overspending on operations. You

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pumping gas

A Guide to Saving on Gas Consumption

In less than a minute, you’ll be done filling up your regular variant of a Ford F series pick-up truck if the station uses a 20 GPM fuel pump.. Filling it up with gas is a breeze. But so is burning it. With the volatility in oil prices, there’s always a chance that you’ll be

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Visually challenged person

5 Helpful Tools for the Visually Impaired

Being visually impaired might seem almost unfair. The world is full of beautiful things and images that someone without perfect sight may feel like they are missing out. Not every individual can say that they have great vision. Some are born with blindness, while others are suffering from conditions that block or blur their view.

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Common Mobile Phone Problems and Their Solutions

Cheap or expensive, your mobile phone is susceptible to bugs and issues that can disrupt your user experience. Luckily, most common phone problems can be easily solved on your own. Here are some quick-fix solutions that you can try at home when your phone decides to act up randomly: 1. Battery Drains Fast You can

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5 Creative Ways to Spread the Word about Your Small Business

Once you’ve started a business, you’re probably asking yourself: “What now?” Managing a business doesn’t end with you, day 1, counting everything you’ve earned for the day. It goes on and on and on. Not only do you need to constantly deliver stellar customer service, you need to reach new customers. Getting your business out

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bar tender pouring glass of wine

Raising Your Glasses to a Great Bar

It’s Saturday night. It is the perfect time to spend some time with your friends. You decide to meet at a fairly new bar to have some drinks and a good chat. A few hours and some cocktails later, it is time to gather your coats. Were you satisfied with the experience you had? What

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