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man carrying a recycling bin

If You Can’t Recycle, Sell: Top Sellable Waste Materials

The Challenges of Waste Disposal and Recycling All businesses produce waste, whether it’s in manufacturing, food processing, or even mostly-office-based businesses. And these wastes are oftentimes harmful to the environment and can impact human health, which is why there are many local, national, and international laws on proper waste disposal, as well as incentives on

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Franchising: How to Improve Franchisor-Franchisee Relationships

Franchising is a distribution model that allows business owners a low-cost means of expanding their brand. It is an appealing option for most people who are looking to get started in business. As a legal structure, franchising has a lot of advantages, including lower risks and higher efficiency associated with operating under the banner of

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scattered paper bills

How to Help Your Kids Build Good Money Habits

No matter what your financial status is, it’s always wise to teach your children how to manage money. Maybe, you’re in dire need of cash, which is why you’re taking out payday loans in Salt Lake City. Or, you’re financially stable and you just want your kids to become financially responsible, as well. Here are some tips you

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digital business

5 Best Ways to Keep Up with Business Trends and Modern Technology

From our homes to our schools, workplaces, and businesses, modern technology affects how we live our lives. In this modern era, it’s difficult to catch up with all the technological advancements that seem to spring up every day. If you are a business owner struggling to adapt to the modern age, here are some tips

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answering a survey

4 Fundamental Parts of a Market Research Survey

Are you a beginner when it comes to market research surveys? Don’t worry. This guide will help you find out how you can create your own market research survey. The Internet has made market research so much easier for almost all types of businesses. The use of market research surveys is an effective yet cost-efficient

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two people calling someone after an accident

An Overview of Car Accident Cases

Car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. In Utah, cases involving car accidents are handled differently. You see, Utah is a no-fault state, just like 12 other countries in the USA. Being a no-fault state means that unless you were seriously injured, no one is to be blamed for the car accident that occurred. Through mandatory

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tennis racket and balls

How to Be a Professional in your Sport

Playing a sport you are interested in may still be developed as you grow up. Opportunities in honing your skills are essential along the way. Professional athletes have their road that they had to pass through before reaching the top. Learning the sport since you are young is crucial in gaining the fundamental abilities and

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a tombstone with tulips

Getting into the Tombstone Making Business

Death is one of the inevitable things in life and loved ones left on earth would like to commemorate the life that was lived. This is one of the reasons why loved ones left behind invest in tombstones and headstones. These solid pieces of blocks serve more than just a marker. It is a reminder

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Why Many Canadians Are Bad at Debt Management

Debt is not inherently bad. Most of the time, it is a tool to achieve something like home ownership. It is a means to an end — nothing more, nothing less. So, why does debt work against many Canadians? When revolving credit or a loan negatively affects a borrower, expert providers of debt consolidation services

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Meeting in an insurance agency

How to Grow Your Insurance Agency Into an Empire

The insurance industry is dominated by established brands. Growing your insurance business into a national and international resource is, therefore, a big challenge. But it’s not impossible considering the availability of various options these days. Growth strategies include efficient website marketing and blogging. Marketing Acquiring new policyholders is essential for the growth of your insurance

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