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stressed woman

Unhealthy Ways to Cope with Stress

There’s nothing quite as stressful as dealing with a global pandemic and all the uncertainties it brings. Not only has COVID-19 disrupted our everyday lives, but it has also made a huge impact on our futures. It’s no wonder people have been experiencing higher levels of stress recently. While stress is an inevitable part of

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Happy family

The Hows of Preparing Your Family for a Great Future

Preparing one’s family for the future entails more than just building a decent savings account, securing your children’s college fund, and planning for your retirement. Sure, meeting those monthly dues or applying for mortgage refinancing for financial flexibility is important but more than that, it is investing your time in your family that will make or break

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Kids in school

How to Prevent Your Child from Getting Overwhelmed at School

Whether it be in their elementary school years or college years, your child will feel overwhelmed with the expectations set upon them by you, their schools, and society itself. It is a part of learning and growing up, and as a parent, you won’t always be there for them when stress overtakes them. However, too much stress

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Financial Moves That Make Sense During the Coronavirus Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down. According to CNBC, millions are left jobless as businesses struggle to keep their workers employed. But as states and countries start to reopen, many are hopeful to get back to work asap. While not everyone was negatively affected by the crisis, one can’t deny that in a way or two,

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helping the environment

Giving the Future Generation a Greener Earth

It is our duty as inhabitants of this planet to take care of it. It has given so much to us. Trees make for natural shelters. There are plants and animals out there that provide people sustenance. There is water all around us which we can use for quenching our thirsts and cleaning ourselves. On

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ad campaign concept

Display Advertising: Perks and Best Practices

In an increasingly digital world, our eyes are glued to the computer or phone screen regularly. Statista estimates that almost 4.57 billion people worldwide are active on the Internet as of April 2020. When you’re promoting your business online, you want to make sure that your target audience notices you. For maximum visibility, several organizations

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Rebranding Your Business: A Couple of Things to Take into Account

As a businessperson, you know too well that relating to your customers is a priority. You can achieve this through your branding efforts. Simply put, your brand is what makes your business tangible and relatable. Relevance is an important factor in doing business. If your current brand seems not to work, it is high time

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business meeting

How to Take Care of Inventory During Big Sale Days

Sale days tend to get a massive influx of consumers for all kinds of retailers. Despite security and supervision, there will be times when the floor team will fail to notice the movement of shoplifters or missing items until the day is over. When you look at the number of customers trying to buy electronic

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Two engineers in discussion

Design vs. Utility Patent: a Guide to Patent Protection

If you have invented something, the first must do is claim ownership of your product before anyone can steal and reproduce it. The best way to do that is to apply for a patent. A patent is an exclusive legal right issued to a product or process that offers a new way of doing something or a new

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a student in her graduation

Ways to Prepare Your Child for College

It seems like it was just yesterday when you were holding back tears as you watched your child go to their first day in one of the best preschools in Singapore. Now, you’re helping them prepare for college, which is a little more challenging. In many Asian countries like Singapore, going to college is an

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