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The Purge: Security Advice You Shouldn’t Ignore

Security concerns during the pandemic may have dropped recently, but home security should still be your top priority. According to United Nations, the pandemic has shifted the rate of property crime. This does not mean that you should be complacent, though. It is always best to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to

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How Your Life Will Change When Your Parents Divorce in Your Adulthood

Gray Divorce Revolution, the phenomenon which referred to couples getting divorced in their 50s, doubled between 1990 and 2010. It was the inspiration behind the book “Home Will Never Be the Same Again: A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce”. The book unveiled the struggles of adults dealing with their older parents’ divorce, shedding light on

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Staying Positive While Recovering From a Motor Accident

Few things are worse than getting into a car accident. Aside from the actual pain of the injuries you receive, there’s also the trauma of being in an extremely dangerous situation where you have little to no control. Car accidents, regardless of the severity, are often a nightmarish experience. But sometimes, the most difficult part

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Your System’s Been Attacked. Now What?

Cyberattacks like security breaches can hurt the business in many ways. On average, it could cost a company nearly £5,000. Meanwhile, at least 50% would have to close within the next six months, cash flow and reputation probably damaged beyond repair. However, with cases rising, the risks that it could happen to you are high. What

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Dear Bosses, Encourage Your Employees to Take a Break Amid a Pandemic

Many of our summer vacation plans are canceled due to the pandemic. So, it’s no surprise to see your employees taking back the vacation leaves they already filed. The idea of taking paid time off (PTO) right now doesn’t sit right among many employees. For one, they would instead save their vacation for later in

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Preventing Retail Store Injuries for Customers & Employees

Injuries that occur in retail establishments are mostly minor and are relatively uncommon. However, this doesn’t mean you can take the risk of having an employee or customer sustaining an injury on your property. Don’t wait for a letter from a personal injury lawyer to arrive in the mail. To protect both your staff and

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The Significance of the Terms and Conditions

When you want to enter into a transaction or an agreement, it is natural for that to have some terms and conditions. These are especially important to businesses, where a lot of things need to be formalized, or else there could be chaos. These are something that applies to any establishment. Business attorney services would

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Pursuing Proper Legal Claims for TBI Victims

The human brain is both complex and fragile. It’s responsible for all our faculties, and if it incurs an injury, it can alter a person’s life. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is one of those life-altering injuries. Most TBI-related cases are related to motor vehicle accidents. In the US, road crashes are the second leading cause of

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drunk driving

Drunk Driving Accident: What You Need to Do

The number of drunk-driving incidents in the US reaches beyond a hundred million each year and continue to persist, despite endless campaigns against drunk driving. Needless to say, anyone can be a victim of a drunk person behind the wheel. And if you become one of them (and are lucky enough to survive the accident),

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