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woman sitting on bed having a hard time to sleep

Personal Injury 101: Can You Claim Damages for Sleep Issues?

Lots of people all around the world experience issues with sleep at some points in their life, and for many different reasons. However, if those issues are caused by some kind of accident or injury resulting from an accident, there is a chance that you can get compensation for them if you file a claim

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Businessman auditing

Be Ready: Preparing for a FINRA Audit

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) sends out thousands of letters every year notifying companies that they face an audit. Most financial institutions receive these letters, especially brokerage firms. FINRA aims to give investors a stable and safe market. Their regular audits ensure that. That sounds great for investors, but if you are the owner

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Women’s Rights

Celebrating Women’s Rights in Maryland

Summary: Maryland has a long history supporting women’s rights. Here’s how the state currently empowers its female citizens. Maryland is known for its scenic cityscape amidst the glittering coastline. With the lush nature serving as the backdrop to the structures worthy of being featured in architectural magazines, Maryland appears to be an ideal place to

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Washington’s Distracted Driving Laws

Washington’s Distracted Driving Laws: the Basics

Distracted driving is one of the primary causes of vehicle crashes in the United States. In Washington State alone, it was responsible for more than 135 deaths in 2016. Meanwhile, over 28% of the vehicle fatalities were due to distracted driving. To reduce these accidents and achieve its goal of zero traffic-related injuries and fatalities,

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two bikers riding motorcycle in the highway

Motorcycling in Colorado: What Riders Need to Know

It is important to follow motorcycle rules, so you can ride safely and legally in any state in America. If you’re riding in Colorado, there are several state-specific laws that you must keep in mind. Insurance Requirements Before you hit the road in Colorado, you need to have insurance. But not only that; you must also

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law legal concept gavcel on laptop

It’s Complicated: The Relationship Between Government and the Internet

Governments are powerful institutions that have existed ever since their respective territories were established. Meanwhile, the internet is a powerful technological tool that has been built fairly recently. Each can have lasting impacts the other in different ways and in various fields. Here are some of the ways government and the internet influence each other.

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Divorce settlements

Divorce Battles: the Smallest Things Bring the Biggest Headaches

Divorce settlements can go smoothly if soon-to-be ex-couples are willing to separate amicably and compromise/negotiate when deciding on custody and dividing possessions. The sad part is that there are many cases where both the husbands and wives try to do anything they can to get the ownership of an item that is worth no more

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Child custody concept with gavel

The Impact of Substance Abuse in Child Custody Cases

Concerned that your ex-spouse is abusing alcohol or drugs around your kids? Unfortunately, plenty of adults struggle with substance abuse issues. However, when and how can you get the family court involved in this matter? Additionally, what should you do to help make sure that your kids are protected while following the child custody and

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couple talking to a divorce lawyer

When You Treat Your Divorce Lawyer as a Therapist

Divorce is more than just a legal matter. Apart from resolving a number of issues related to child custody, support payments, and property division, there is also a range of emotions involved. Sadness, anger, guilt, fear, and other emotions can come into play and have the ability to influence your decision, as well as the

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