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How Are Cyberattacks Carried Out?

Businesses are incredibly dependent on technology today. Computers and centralized databases allow a company to store and organize all of its paperwork and data efficiently and effortlessly. Compare the amount of time and effort saved by uploading or saving a document — as opposed to manually filing it — and it is no wonder that

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Safety First: How to Child-proof Your Smart Devices

As a new parent, you’ve probably experienced having a shattered smartphone screen or a whole unit soaked in a pail of water because of your kid. If you haven’t yet, don’t wait until your kid buys a thousand bucks worth of microtransactions from your credit card because they want to play some more Hungry Shark

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Top Challenges for an IT Infrastructure

Your company will face many challenges and the key to managing these hiccups is to hire the right people. For your Information Technology needs, you need an IT head that can identify the challenges of your company, starting with the infrastructure. IT is a highly dynamic industry and is subject to constant learning and changes.

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Social Media Is Getting Toxic, and Free Speech Is Dead

Social media used to be a market of free ideas where everyone’s voices could be heard. Not anymore. Social media companies are now driving their agendas through their platforms, silencing dissenters and conditioning the minds of their users. Big Tech Leviathans In the USA, social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook run their operations

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