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Know Your Type of Storage Drive

No matter how complicated they are, computers have successfully seeped into the lives of many. Students use it to research their homework and also create various papers and essays for school. It is the tool used by many employees out there for administrative or clerical work. In addition to that, it is entrusted to store sensitive

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Social Media Marketing: How to Create Engaging Posts

Businesses are finding more ways to market their brand, the most viable method being the Internet. Now, more companies are undergoing a digital transformation, hiring web development firms to help improve their online presence. The fact that social media is an effective platform to market your brand is not fresh news. Businesses have been doing

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Three Work-from-home Security Measures

The pandemic has pushed many companies to launch a work-from-home program, where formerly office-based workers can do their job safely in the confines of their homes. This scheme supports city quarantine measures and helps curb the spread of the disease. The negative consequence, however, is that home-based workers are more susceptible to security breaches than

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Motherboards: A Quick Guide by a PC Enthusiast

Have you ever tried to build your own personal computer? It can be a fulfilling experience. The process gives you a little bit of challenge, but you will learn about the various components along the way. If you are the inquisitive type, you can do further research on topics such as circuit board fabrication. You

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Computer Maintenance Tips to Get You Ready for Remote Work

With a lot of companies and businesses transitioning to work-from-home arrangements, you need to ensure that your personal computer can keep up with your work demands. We have listed a five-step process for your computer’s system safety and memory protection to make sure it is in its best possible form. 5-Step Computer Maintenance to Keep

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4 Tips for Organizing Your Computer Files

If you’re doing most of your work on your computer, then there’s a high chance you’re keeping a lot of files. Because of the volume, it becomes harder to navigate through every folder to find what you’re looking for. Here are some efficient tips on organizing your digital documents and make your life easier. Don’t

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How to Prepare for a Hunting Trip

Hunting is essentially a sport for people who are searching for adrenaline and fun. However, it might be dangerous for people without experience or proper training. If you are planning to go on a hunting trip, you will need to make sure that you have a mentor with you. After a few sessions, you will

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The Best Ways to Survive a Lonely Road Trip

Long-distance road trips can either be an exciting adventure or a boring trip. This is why many of us dread having to drive long distances alone. For one, it can be a bit lonely if you are going to travel many miles without anyone to talk to. One can feel the stress that comes with

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Beyond Homo Sapiens: How Technology Has Paved the Way towards Human Evolution

More than 20 years ago, photographer James Balog captured the verge of human evolution through a photography series called “Techno Sapiens“. He featured how people have integrated technology in their lives back in the ’90s. Today, mankind’s evolution has come a long way. Over the course of human history, who would’ve thought you’d see artificial

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