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How the Cloud Can Make Your Work and Life More Efficient

You’ve read about and watched about it, and you probably even use it for work and personal use. Many big tech companies are pouring their time and energy into developing it. People use it to streamline their workflow, connect their data, and use many kinds of software not bound to their hardware. Of course, we’re

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Why Social Media Archiving Matters

Social media is instrumental in generating leads, connecting with customers, and maintaining relationships with different audiences. However, there are certain risks that businesses and organizations are exposed to when using social media. Here are some examples: Risks of social media for businesses and organizations Damage to reputation The speed at which information travels through social

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5 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Brand’s Blog

Business blogs are a great way to sustain client engagement and generate interest in your brand, especially if you’re running a small business. Consistent, quality blogs can even build your company’s reputation as a brand leader in your industry. Some firms, however, are not making the most of the advantages a blog can offer. There are

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Media Success: Traits of a Winning Press Release

If there’s one marketing method that’s great for both digital and traditional media, it’s the press release. It stood the test of time because it continues to convey authority, as it provides statements that come directly from your company. Bonus points if you got it published on a reputable news outlet A press release is

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How to Harmonize Your Relationship with Technology

In less than two decades, we’ve seen desktops and laptops give way to mobile devices. The browser wars of old are forgotten; thanks to social media, it’s all about the user now. Everybody keeps their smartphone within arm’s reach throughout the day. And in this year alone, our jobs have shifted dramatically towards remote working

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Four Strategies To Prioritize Cybersecurity During Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the world of work. Companies have been forced to implement remote work to ensure business continuity. However, a rise in the incidences of cyberattacks during COVID-19 presents a threat to every industry. Phishing and ransomware attacks abound. How can companies help their remote workers prioritize cybersecurity in the time

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Email Marketing: Creating a Mailing List and Earning a Place in Your Audience’s Inbox

Email is one of the oldest forms of electronic communication, allowing people worldwide to send messages to each other. Compared to traditional mail, email sends the message within seconds. Although email remains an essential mode of communication, not many people pay attention to every message they receive. According to Campaign Monitor, an average person receives

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Know Your Type of Storage Drive

No matter how complicated they are, computers have successfully seeped into the lives of many. Students use it to research their homework and also create various papers and essays for school. It is the tool used by many employees out there for administrative or clerical work. In addition to that, it is entrusted to store sensitive

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Social Media Marketing: How to Create Engaging Posts

Businesses are finding more ways to market their brand, the most viable method being the Internet. Now, more companies are undergoing a digital transformation, hiring web development firms to help improve their online presence. The fact that social media is an effective platform to market your brand is not fresh news. Businesses have been doing

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