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The Undersea Power Cable: Connecting Singapore and Australia

Undersea power and fiber Internet cable connections are engineering feats that have contributed significantly to the interconnectedness of the world. These feats also pushed man’s engineering ability further ahead. In recent events, they are linking power across the vast oceans, particularly an undersea power cable to Singapore from Australia. How Do They Do It: Undersea

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How to Keep Your Garage Door Secure

When securing your house against robbers, doors and windows may be your first priority. However, don’t forget to secure another possible entry point in your home: the garage door. We secure our doors and windows every night. We even buy state-of-the-art security systems to protect our houses against home invaders and thieves, but are we

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Four Fun and Unusual Things You Can Do with Your GPS

The beauty of today’s technology is that the gadgets are so versatile that you can use them for anything other than their primary purpose. Take, for example, the cellphone. Back then, portable phones were only for making calls. Now, they've become so much more. You can take pictures with your mobile phone, watch movies, and

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Inbound vs. Content Marketing: Efficient Strategies for Your Digital Marketing Needs

Digital and tech innovations have drastically improved corporate marketing strategies over the decades. Hence, enterprises face no shortage of options when it comes to smart tactics that boost the efficiency of their operations and workflow. Two common examples are inbound and content marketing. These terms have often been improperly used interchangeably. Although they do have

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These Small Things Will Make a Difference in Your Dental Clinic

Is the number of patients dwindling? Are patients not returning to your dental clinic for a routine hygiene checkup or restorative treatment? It’s easy to think that it is your marketing strategies that may be affecting the number of your patients. But maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your office and your

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How to Know If Your Apparel Brand Will Sell Online

Your concept for an online clothes shop may be fabulous on paper, but how many people do you think are willing to pay for your product? Are they enough to keep you in business? To find the answers, you can conduct an idea validation experiment. Idea validation is a process that lets you find out if

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Tailoring a Telecommunications System to Fit Your Small Business

Businesses need an internal telecommunications system where employees and executives can call each other, as well as receive external calls. Usually, companies have one number called a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or what you would call a trunk line. The PBX serves as a centralized hub where individual phone lines can pass. Instead of maintaining

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Content Marketing that Boosts Your Business

Content is a huge part of the success of many websites today. Search engines put a premium on quality and relevant articles and videos that users want to consume and share. This can make or break your business. Having a first-rate content marketing strategy allows you to stay ahead of your competitors. Experts from a digital

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How Are Cyberattacks Carried Out?

Businesses are incredibly dependent on technology today. Computers and centralized databases allow a company to store and organize all of its paperwork and data efficiently and effortlessly. Compare the amount of time and effort saved by uploading or saving a document — as opposed to manually filing it — and it is no wonder that

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